What Are the Most Scenic Places in Washington State?

The Evergreen State is home to breathtaking natural wonders such as towering, snow-powdered mountain tops, lush green forests, and roaring waterfalls. The natural beauty here draws visitors year after year. We’ve compiled a list of some more off-the-beaten-path, scenic places in Washington State that you may not already be aware of. Read on to learn more about some of the most beautiful spots in our region. Then, be sure to check out our free Travel Guide to help you plan your getaway Cascade Mountains getaway.  

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5 of the Most Scenic Places in Washington State

1. The Cascade Loop Scenic Byway 

There’s nothing quite like an adventurous road trip along one of the most beautiful scenic byways in the state! The Cascade Loop Scenic Byway winds you through breathtaking landscapes. We recommend stopping at the Leavenworth Ski Hill in the winter or Lake Wenatchee in the spring or summertime!

2. Wineries in the Cascade Mountains 

Not only are the views at these wineries magnificent, but the wine is delicious. Check out some of the best wineries in the region. You can sip on a fine glass of wine while admiring the ways in which the treetops skim the clouds. Some of our favorite places for wine-tasting include: 

3. The Enchanted Valley 

A day spent in nature does wonders to lift your spirits. Some places have a truly unique and particularly magical essence. The Enchanted Valley is one of those destinations. Spend a day hiking the Enchantments, but be careful! The hike is a challenging one, and not for the faint of heart. The views are, of course, rewarding. 

4. The Icicle Gorge 

Birdwatchers, adventurers, and nature lovers flock to the Icicle Gorge. Hike the Icicle Gorge Nature Loop. Here, you’ll discover singing birds, overgrown foliage, and unspoiled nature that will bring you back down to earth. There’s no better way to practice mindfulness and enjoying the tranquility of Mother Nature than spending time in the mountains. 

5. The Small German Town of Leavenworth 

If you consider yourself a history buff, you’ll love exploring downtown, Leavenworth. This quaint, German-inspired town has absolutely no connections to Bavaria, but the architecture and the small town essence make for a fairytale-worthy experience. The town is especially enchanting in the winter and during the holiday season. 

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