Remind yourself of the days you spent exploring the mountainside of Washington State, with our line of custom souvenirs! Perfect for both friends and family alike, these make great gifts for those back home. Call us today to purchase the perfect Pine River Ranch souvenir, (509) 763-3959, or add it to your reservation when you book online.

Pine River Ranch Hat, $20

Grab a hat with the Pine River Ranch logo to remind you of the quiet days spent relaxing at the ranch. There are plenty for your friends and family as well. A great way to keep the sun out of your eyes or the rain off your head.

Pine River Ranch Sweatshirt, $40

Hoodies are in! Get your official Pine River Ranch Hoodie so you can be warm in the spring and look good all year long. Hoodies are gray with the official Pine River Ranch logo on the front. Sizes S-XXL.


Pine River Ranch T-Shirts, $15

Pine River Ranch T-shirts are here in gray with black writing, white with black writing, and blue with white writing. 100% cotton with sizes from S-XXL.


Pine Rive Ranch Mugs, $12

Pine River Ranch mugs are the perfect souvenir to remember your stay. These are the same coffee mugs that are used in your suite.  These make great gifts for those back home or as a reminder to make your next reservation.