What Will You Discover at the Magnificent Icicle Gorge?

Download Our Leavenworth Vacation GuideWashington State is known for its enchanting landscapes and unforgettable outdoor adventures. During your romantic Leavenworth getaway, consider a trip to Icicle Gorge, one of the most scenic trails in the area. Its crystal river, surrounding forests, and wide array of wildlife make it a must-see spot. During your visit, you’ll experience beautiful views of Icicle Creek as you watch wildlife, run, or hike along the trailhead.

Read on to find out what awaits you and your significant other at the Icicle Gorge Trail Loop. Then, access our free Vacation Guide to uncover more can’t-miss Leavenworth attractions. Planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest has never been easier!

Have the Best Day at Icicle Gorge

What to Pack

Make sure you’re prepared before you set out for your journey! Not sure where to start? Our packing list covers some essential items you’ll need for a successful hike.

  • Hiking backpack — There’s no better way to carry all your gear through the wilderness.
  • Full water bottle — Hydration is essential! You may want to bring a water filter as well.
  • Extra clothes and rain jacket — You never know what the elements have in store!
  • Bug spray and sunscreen — Make sure to protect yourself against the sun’s rays and bug bites, no matter the season.
  • Hiking boots — There’s nothing worse than sore feet after an exhausting day.
  • First aid kit — You’ll want to be prepared for little emergencies, just in case.
  • Granola bars (or other snacks) — Protein is essential to get you through the day.
  • Map and compass — Your phone may not work on the trail, so bring backup navigation tools.

What You’ll See

On top of beautiful views, the Cascade Mountains are one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Hundreds of plant and animal species call this region their home, including Douglas squirrels and chipmunks. You may even spot a few raccoons or beavers along the banks of Icicle Creek. Avid birdwatchers will love seeing woodpeckers, bald eagles, and osprey fly over the trailhead. Stop and read the trail signs pointing out interesting plants such as the Devil’s Club, a prickly shrub with maple-like leaves.

What to Do

The Icicle Gorge Nature Loop is approximately four miles long. It traverses along Icicle River and through conifer forests. You’ll encounter gorgeous scenery along your trek, from lush cedar thickets to the icicle-covered gorge that gives the area its name. Don’t forget your camera, as the lookout points are picture perfect.

If you want to continue your adventure beyond the loop, head up the steep path called “View Trail.” This trail will add 1.25 miles to your hike through the gorge and lead you toward many more beautiful outlook points.

Explore More Leavenworth Trails

There are so many wonderful Leavenworth hiking trails for visitors of all skill levels to discover. Which path will you try first?

Icicle Ridge Trail

Icicle Ridge is 15 minutes away from, and moderately more difficult than, the Icicle Gorge Nature Loop. This 6-mile trail is covered in wildflower meadows and surrounded by views of the Cascade Mountains. During your hike, you’ll wind your way up the ridge and find excellent views of the landscape below.

The Enchantments

Hiking The Enchantments will be one of the most memorable parts of your Leavenworth vacation. This difficult trail travels along Mountaineer Creek, then traverses up to Colchuck Lake. Once you reach the top, continue downhill for 13 miles of turquoise lakes and towering cliffs.

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