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Why Leavenworth Makes for One of the Best Weekend Getaways from Spokane

Do you need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life? There’s nothing quite like a mountain getaway to give you the rest and relaxation you need. If you’re considering a weekend getaway from Spokane, WA, look no further than Leavenworth. Our small town in the Cascade Mountains region of Washington State is the perfect destination for a relaxing weekend retreat. Here, you can discover authentic German cuisine, outdoor recreation, and so much more. From romantic getaways to remote work trips, a weekend getaway to Leavenworth is perfect for any type of traveler. Read on to discover why Leavenworth is one of the best weekend getaways from Spokane!  

When you’re ready to start planning your trip, request our free Leavenworth Travel Guide. This online guide is filled with local recommendations about what to do during your weekend getaway from Spokane! 

5 Things to Do During Weekend Getaways from Spokane to Leavenworth  

1. Visit Downtown Leavenworth  

You must visit German town in Washington during your weekend getaway to Leavenworth. Downtown Leavenworth is rated the No. 2 Bavarian-village in the United States. Here, you can taste authentic German flavors, attend local events, and more! Best of all, the excitement is just a 20-minute drive from Pine River Ranch, so you can make the most of your time in Leavenworth! 

2. Explore Local Recreation Areas 

If you foster an adventurous spirit, you’re bound to fall in love with Leavenworth’s local parks. From Front Street Park in the heart of downtown Leavenworth to the magnificent Enchantments Wilderness, it’s easy to explore and discover rare natural beauty at local recreation areas! 

3. Venture Out on a Day Trip 

Want to traverse as much as the Pacific Northwest as possible during your weekend getaway? Set aside one day of your trip to embark on one of the scenic drives near Leavenworth, WA. From majestic mountain ranges to cascading waterfalls, there are jaw-dropping views at every turn. 

4. Take Advantage of Seasonal Activities 

From food festivals to holiday-themed celebrations, Leavenworth’s calendar is always filled with exciting events that you certainly won’t want to miss. You can view some of our personal favorites with this list of Leavenworth, WA, events. If you plan to come to town during an event weekend, be sure to book your suite at Pine River Ranch in advance! 

5. Stay at Pine River Ranch in Leavenworth, WA 

Ready to plan a weekend getaway to Leavenworth? Simply browse our suites to get started. At Pine River Ranch, we offer six suites with Pacific Northwest décor, private bathrooms, whirlpool tubs, king or queen-size beds, and private decks-for-two. Any overnight stay at our Leavenworth bed and breakfast also includes daily breakfast delivery and amenities. You won’t find this level of luxury or service anywhere else in the area! 

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