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3 Great Places for River Tubing in Leavenworth

What’s your favorite way to get outside during the summer? There’s no better way to cool off from the summer heat than a water excursion. If your perfect summer involves floating down the river with a cold drink in hand, taking in the beautiful scenery of the North Cascades, then a Leavenworth river tubing trip is the perfect activity for you! We know some of the best places for a river tubing adventure that you won’t soon forget. Read on for more information on this exciting seasonal activity that you won’t want to miss! 

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Your Guide to Leavenworth River Tubing 

When Is Tubing Season in Leavenworth? 

The novelty of Leavenworth river tubing is one of the reasons it’s so popular. Tubing season in Leavenworth takes place during the summer, the best months being May and June. The season usually concludes around Labor Day. Be sure to add a tube trip to your itinerary if you plan to visit our area during this time of year! 

1. Osprey Tubing Leavenworth 

Osprey River Rafting offers some of the most thrilling tube trips in Leavenworth! With more than 20 years of experience, rest assured you’ll be in safe and knowledgeable hands as you fly through class three and four rapids. Their river tubing excursion is fit for travelers looking for a more laid-back and gentler trip down the river. Tubers will enjoy shuttle service, splash wars, lazy floats, and even exciting Class Two rapids to get your adrenaline pumping. This journey is bound to be one of the highlights of your Leavenworth vacation. 

2. Leavenworth Outdoor Center 

This family-friendly float is the perfect way to lay back, relax, and take in the beauty of the North Cascades. The Leavenworth Outdoor Center conducts guided tubing trips down the Wenatchee River or the Icicle River that begin in mid-summer. There are very few rapids along the routes, for a gentle and carefree ride. The excursion flows anywhere from two to four miles with plenty of great beaches to stop, enjoy a drink, and soak up the summer sun. 

3. River Riders Leavenworth 

Grab a drink and enjoy the tamer side of the Wenatchee with River Riders! Excursions begin at 11:30 a.m. and include shuttle service and top-of-the-line river tubes with cup holders. Plus, this journey is one of the most affordable in Leavenworth with costs starting at just $20 per person. Be sure to add this river adventure to your vacation itinerary before time runs out! 

More Summer Activities in Leavenworth 

Leavenworth river tubing is just one of the many exciting outdoor adventures that you won’t want to miss during your summer trip. Here are a few more recommendations on ways to get out and explore this season on dry land! 


Leavenworth is one of the top destinations in the Pacific Northwest for unforgettable hiking. There are dozens of trails to explore, each of which varies in difficulty and scenery. You’re sure to find the one that is perfect for you. 


One popular activity that we highly recommend is the zipline in Leavenworth, WA. This adrenaline-pumping journey is a great way to experience the natural beauty of our area from a whole new perspective. 

Horseback Riding 

You can find several ranches in our Bavarian village that provides the ultimate experience. Whether you’re an avid rider or have hardly touched a saddle in your life, you’re sure to find the ideal horseback riding adventure for you! 

Stay With Pine River Ranch This Summer 

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