Explore Leavenworth Outdoor Recreation and the Best Ways to Enjoy Nature

As many outdoor enthusiasts would agree, nothing can quite match the crisp, fresh air on tall mountaintops, the serene sounds and imagery of a river, or the pure adrenaline of speeding down a trail whether it be on skis or bike. When visiting the North Cascades, you’re never more than a stone’s throw from any of the fun of Leavenworth Outdoor Recreation. Read this comprehensive list of the best outdoor activities around town and start planning your next Washington outing! 

Maybe a rainy day comes, the trail you are looking for is closed, or you just need to enjoy some A/C for a change; whatever the reason may be, there’s plenty else in Leavenworth for you to do while you’re visiting! Request access to our free Vacation Guide for insight on the best restaurants, activities, year-round events, and more that’s available to you on your next Washington getaway. 


Every Aspect of Leavenworth Outdoor Recreation

Luckily for nature-loving locals, Leavenworth is an all-encompassing location for the best outdoor activities. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or complete amateur at any of these sports, there will be a place in Leavenworth for you to push yourself to new heights and discover a potential new hobby! Make sure that whatever activity you decide to do, bring lots of water and sunscreen to keep yourself cool and protected from the elements! 

Hiking Trails

Out of everything on this list for Leavenworth Outdoor Recreation, you won’t find anything else with the variety and abundance of hiking trails around Leavenworth, Washington. Some of the most popular hiking trails include: 

  1. Apple Capital Loop Trail (10 mi loop) 
  1. The Enchantments (20 mi point to point) 
  1. Icicle Gorge Trail (4 mi loop) 
  1. Eight Mile Lake Trail (7 mi out-and-back) 
  1. Lake Minotaur Trail (6 mi out-and-back) 
  1. Lake Stuart Trail (9 mi out-and-back) 
  1. Alpine Lakes Wilderness (Host to 47 trailheads) 
  1. Icicle Ridge Trail (5.5 mi loop) 

There are tons of other trails to explore, and a great resource to discover more is on All Trails! 

Kayaking and Rafting

There is something very satisfying about paddling down a river, whether it’s leisurely or rapid. The North Cascade Mountain range and valleys create some amazing spots where you can either take a rental kayak across a lake or down a river. Some of the best local kayak rentals are Wildwater Rive Guides and the Leavenworth Outdoor Center. Or join a white-water rafting tour for a real sense of adventure! 


Being a huge part of what makes Leavenworth outdoor recreation so popular, speeding down the mountainside’s blanket of snow is a huge attraction for winter athletes from all over! The North Cascades’ looming stature creates some exciting (and albeit intimidating) ski trails for locals and visitors alike. The three most popular spots for skiing are the Leavenworth Ski Hill, Mission Ridge, and Stevens Pass Mountain Resort. If you are visiting Leavenworth during our snow seasons, you’ve got to check out our local skiing! 


Not every part of Leavenworth outdoor recreation must involve high speeds and steep mountains, sometimes a calm and relaxing morning by the water is exactly what you need to calm the nerves while on vacation. Many of the waterways in Leavenworth are ideal spots for fly-fishing. If you’ve never experienced fly-fishing before, there are some amazing local guides that can show you ropes: Northwest Fly-Fishing Academy and Upper Columbia Guide Service. 

Rock Climbing

The sport that the ragged mountainsides of the North Cascades really lend themselves to is rock climbing! Though it may seem intimidating at first, one of the best feelings in the world is conquering a rock wall that stood over you just minutes before. There are many places around Leavenworth that can provide novice to expert rock-climbing experiences. If the idea of being strung up high scares you too much, you can enjoy rock-climbing’s little sister, bouldering! It’s very similar to rock-climbing, except you’ll never be far enough off the ground to injure yourself from a fall. Just make sure you bring a crash pad! 

Recharge at Pine River Ranchleavenworth outdoor recreation

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