Get Spooked at 5 of the Most Haunted Places in Washington State

History buffs and thrill-seekers alike will love exploring the most haunted places in Washington State. From restaurants rumored to have resident ghosts to an abandoned town, there are several places to get spooked in Washington State. Even better, most of these places are within driving distance of the town of Leavenworth. Ready for a fright? It’s time to get this party startled!  

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5 Haunted Places in Washington State That You Need to Visit 

While these haunted places in Washington State are open all year long, autumn is an especially popular time to visit these sites. If you’re planning to visit then, check out more on how to explore Leavenworth in the fall 

1. Cascade Tunnel 

Leavenworth, WA — 15 miles west of Pine River Ranch 

The old Cascade Tunnel is the site of one of the biggest disasters in U.S. railroad history. Follow along the scenic Iron Goat Trail until you find the wreckage of the abandoned tunnel. In 1910, an avalanche swept two trains off their tracks, causing the collapse of the tunnel and killing 96 people. The old tunnel is not safe to enter, but people have reported hearing disembodied voices from outside the tunnel and along the trail. 

2. Oxford Saloon 

Snohomish, WA — 80 miles west of Pine River Ranch 

The Oxford Saloon, built in 1900, offers guests delicious food, live music, and the chance to see a ghost. When it was a saloon in the 20th century, the building’s basement was often a scene of violence. A police officer named Henry was killed during a fight. Today, guests have reported seeing his ghost by the stairs and in the women’s restroom. Paranormal investigators detected Electronic Voice Phenomena and photographic anomalies during their visit here in 2005. 

3. Kell’s Irish Pub 

Seattle, WA — 100 miles west of Pine River Ranch 

Seattle tourists love indulging in a traditional Irish meal at Kell’s Restaurant. However, some visitors don’t know that Kell’s is reportedly the most haunted Irish pub in America. The pub was built over the Butterworth building mortuary, and the site’s dark past has continued to haunt Kell’s ever since. Falling glasses, shattering mirrors, and ghost sightings are just a few of the eerie incidents that have occurred. 

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4. Town of Govan, WA 

Govan, WA — 125 miles east of Pine River Ranch 

Now a ghost town, Govan was once a stop along the Central Washington Railway. When you visit Govan, you’ll see abandoned schoolhouses, rolling wheat fields, and old farming equipment. Many tourists believe that ghosts of a terrible, unsolved murder haunt the small town. In 1902, a judge and his wife were killed by an ax, and the killer was never found. 

5. The Campbell House 

Spokane, WA — 190 miles east of Pine River Ranch 

The Campbell House, once the home of wealthy mining investors, is now a house museum of domestic life at the turn of the 20th century. However, the house’s history has a macabre side as well. In the early 1900s, a burglar murdered three of the Campbell children and kidnapped the fourth child. People have reported cold spots and an overwhelming period of dread. Could it be one of the children’s ghosts roaming the halls? 

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