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What’s the Best Way to Travel from Vancouver to Leavenworth?

Planning an international trip isn’t as daunting as it seems. For Vancouver residents, the mountains of Washing State are only a few hours away. Looking to experience all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer? Plan a trip from Vancouver to Leavenworth! Our area boasts great year-round adventure and it’s only 345 miles from Vancouver, BC. Read on for helpful tips to plan your trip to Leavenworth, Washington! 

When you’re ready to start planning your trip, request our free Leavenworth Vacation Guide. Simply choose your travel method from the options below, then create the itinerary of your dreams using the suggestions inside our guide!  

3 Ways to Travel from Vancouver to Leavenworth  

1. Road Trip to Leavenworth 

The drive from Vancouver to Leavenworth is about 345 miles, which translates to about four hours’ worth of travel time. With such a short driving distance, it’s worth choosing this travel method if you plan to stay more than a couple of days. Just be sure to read through the border crossing laws when you’re planning a road trip to the United States! 

A road trip to Leavenworth is a great way to view some of the most scenic places in Washington State

2. Take a Train from Vancouver 

The travel time from Vancouver to Leavenworth increases by about 2.5 hours when you travel by train. Rome2Rio reports that there are no direct train lines between the two cities. However, you can depart from Vancouver Pacific Central Station en-route to the Everett Amtrak Station, which is about 87 miles from Pine River Ranch. If you choose this method, we recommend renting a car to get from the train state to our bed and breakfast.  

3. Book an Airline Flight  

You can find a flight to just about anywhere in the world. The trip from Vancouver to Leavenworth is no exception. Simply visit your favorite airline’s website, plug in your departing and arriving destinations, and see what’s out there! 

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