4 Things That Will Make You Want to Attend the Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest

As the last remnants of winter melt away and spring comes into full swing, visitors will flock to the Northwest for the Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest! This unique festival is a celebration of the return of migratory birds during the peak of wildflower season. The combination makes for a truly memorable and one-of-a-kind birding experience you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you foster a deep appreciation for nature or are looking for something new to try in Leavenworth, this springtime celebration is a must!

The Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest is just one of the many events coming to town this year. Easily download your free copy of our Leavenworth Washington Vacation Guide for even more upcoming festivals to our Bavarian village!

4 Things You’ll Love About the Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest

  1. You’ll Experience the Rare Beauty of the Cascades

From snow-capped mountains to ponderosa forests, the Leavenworth area is brimming with endless beauty. The blooming buds and vibrant colors of spring make the region even more captivating. Trust us, the pictures hardly do it justice! The Leavenworth Spring Birdfest field trips will wind through the natural beauty of North Central Washington and introduce you to the land in a unique and immersive way.

  1. See and Hear Birds You Will Only Find This Time of Year

May, also known as the breeding season, is a very important time of year for the birds. It is also when bird species normally uncommon to the area make themselves present. As you explore, keep your eyes and ears open! You may hear the songs sung by rare feathered visitors.

  1. Each Trip is Led By Bird Experts and Professionals

If you aren’t familiar with birding, or hardly know anything about birds at all, do not fret! The field trips are led by knowledgeable experts who will be more than happy to share tips and interesting facts with you. Even the most avid birders will be able to learn something new from their guide.

  1. Activities For Everyone

While searching for birds is the festival’s main event, the fun doesn’t end there! The Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest will also feature plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy including wildflower walks, art events, and family activities. The hosts of the event also encourage guests to take some “downtime” to explore the Leavenworth’s Bavarian village.

Interested in which birds you may find during the festival? While it’s impossible to predict the species for this year’s event, you may very likely see the ones listed on the Spring Birds list from past years!

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