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10 Exciting Winter Activities in Leavenworth, WA

With winter and the holiday season well on its way, many people are already planning what they will bring to Thanksgiving dinner, what they will get their loved ones for Christmas, or where they should go to get the most out of this season. It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest is one of the best places to be to enjoy the winter weather in the U.S. In the small town of Leavenworth, Washington, there is much more winter spirit beyond the chilly breezes. Continue reading to learn about the best ways to experience winter in Leavenworth!

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Discover the Magic of Winter in Leavenworth

Lake Wenatchee State Park

With beautiful, calm water, snow-covered pines, and grand mountains in the distance, Lake Wenatchee State Park provides a magical winter setting to kick-start any trip to Leavenworth the right way. Here, you can take part in several miles worth of walking, biking, and equestrian trails. If you want a more laid-back experience, the state park also has several beachfront firepits to sit at. Enjoy the warmth of a campfire while looking out into the beautiful landscape.


Snowmobiling in Leavenworth offers an exhilarating experience that allows you to explore the area’s snowy landscapes like never before. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, the trails here offer something for everyone. Feel the wind in your face and the thrill in your heart as you zoom through the snow-covered forests and open fields.

Skiing at Leavenworth Ski Hill

Leavenworth Ski Hill is a winter wonderland offering a variety of activities. Beginners can enjoy downhill skiing and snowboarding on well-groomed slopes. Additionally, thrill-seekers can try the only ski jump on the American west coast. The hill also offers Nordic skiing and snowshoeing for a more laid-back activity. If you’re up for a unique adventure, give fat biking a go or get your laughs tubing down the hill. Lastly, don’t forget to warm up with some hot cocoa in the historic ski lodge.

Snowshoeing in Leavenworth

Snowshoeing is not just an activity; it’s a way to intimately connect with Leavenworth’s stunning winter landscapes. This peaceful yet invigorating exercise allows you to traverse through miles of snow-covered trails, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Leavenworth has various trails catering to all skill levels. For more trail options and tips, check out this guide to the best places to snowshoe in Washington State.

Leavenworth Winter Sports Club: Your Gateway to Winter Fun

The Leavenworth Winter Sports Club is a hub for winter activities and more. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the club offers lessons to help you improve your skills. In addition to activities like skiing and snowboarding, they also provide affordable day passes and season passes for flexible access to their facilities. For those looking to compete, the club even has ski teams. It’s a one-stop destination for winter sports enthusiasts looking to make the most of the season.

Winter Events in Leavenworth

Leavenworth Winter Karneval

The Village of Lights Winter Karneval is an annual celebration that honors a German tradition dating back to the 13th century. The event transforms the town into a winter wonderland, complete with half a million brilliant lights and majestic mountains frosted with snow. Activities include fire dancers, live ice carvings, and an annual fireworks show over the town. The winter festival is spread out over weekends in January, making Leavenworth a perfect winter destination all month.


Christmas in Leavenworth

Experience the magic of a Bavarian Christmas right here in Leavenworth. With twinkling lights, festive decorations, and holiday music, it’s a Christmas celebration like no other. Starting right after Thanksgiving, the entire town turns into a real-life Christmas card, complete with the Christmas Lighting Festival, carolers singing in the gazebo, and an abundance of winter activities for the whole family.


Step into a European winter market without leaving Washington. The Christkindlmarket offers unique gifts, delicious food, and holiday treats, making it a must-visit during the holiday season. It’s a bustling market filled with handmade arts and crafts, authentic Bavarian foods, and local gifts that capture the essence of a traditional European Christmas market.

The Nutcracker Museum

One of the unique qualities of our German town in Washington is the Bavarian architecture that lines the streets of downtown Leavenworth. The Nutcracker Museum is another highlight of German culture and history in Leavenworth. It is a fun and interesting way to learn more about some of the iconic imagery of the holiday season.

Sleigh Rides

Skiing and snowboarding might be too active, and the Nutcracker Museum might not be active enough, but there is certainly a sweet spot! Nothing exudes holiday spirit like a horse-drawn sleigh ride, and you can do just that right around the corner at Leavenworth Sleigh Rides! They offer private group tours in varying sleigh sizes that allow you to view the beautiful snow-covered meadows and woods, ending at a barn with a warm fire and hot cider to warm up with.

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