Everything You Need to Know About Ohme Gardens County Park

The beauty of the Cascade Mountains truly makes you feel as if you are wandering through a natural wonderland. From pristine lakes, towering peaks, and vast valleys, we guarantee you’ll have to pick your jaw up from the ground at least once. If you’re searching for a spot to immerse into nature and discover peace and tranquility, we highly recommend the Ohme Gardens County Park. Located atop a rocky bluff above the Columbia River, this stunning destination is strewn with spectacular views, stone walkways, waterfalls, and many more awe-inspiring sights. Read on to learn why Ohme Gardens County Park is a must for all nature lovers!

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Your Ultimate Guide to Ohme Gardens County Park

Ohme Gardens History

In 1929, a man by the name of Herman Ohme purchased 40 acres of land in the Cascade Mountains. His intention was to create his own orchard, but the rocky bluff with incredible mountain views stole his attention. He and his wife would often sit atop the bluff and dream about flourishing meadows, shimmering pools, and shady pathways. They decided to make that dream a reality and built their very own irrigation system to the bluff by hand.

As the garden grew and flourished, news quickly spread of the beautiful mountain top haven. Public interest grew, and the Ohme’s were prompted to open the gardens to everyone. For 42 years, the couple would continue to expand and care for their garden until Herman’s death at the age of 80. The Ohme’s son, Gordon, assumed the responsibility of his parents’ beloved garden until he sold it to Washington State Park and Recreation in 1991. Today, the park is a local favorite and the perfect example of the region’s beauty.

Things to See and Do at Ohme Gardens County Park

Ohme Gardens County Park is open to the public from April 15th to October 15th annually. If you’ll be visiting during this season, here are just some of the park’s features that we’re sure you’ll love!

Of course, you won’t want to miss venturing along stone walkways and viewing the spectacular mountain overlooks! Since the gardens change seasonally, it’s also recommended to return at least a few times a year. The blooms you see in April may be different from the flowers you’ll find in the fall!

Ohme Gardens County Park Events

Touring the gardens is just the beginning! Throughout the season, there are several events that make exploring the mountaintop oasis even more enjoyable. Here are the most fun annual events that you won’t want to leave off your itinerary!

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