sunset over the north cascades

Where can you Watch Stunning Leavenworth Sunsets?

When on vacation, we always want to make the most of our precious time off, enjoying everything from sunup to sundown (and often past sundown as well)! Make sure that after your day exploring the North Cascades, you can find yourself in the perfect spot to soak in the beautiful Leavenworth sunsets before welcoming the night. 

We know you don’t plan your entire trip around the very end of each day, so make sure to request access to our free Vacation Guide so that you can plan a memorable vacation in Leavenworth, Washington. With our guide, you’ll have access to the best restaurants, activities, and a year-long calendar of Leavenworth events! 

Best Places to View Leavenworth Sunsets

Lake Wenatchee State Park

One of the best ways to get a great view of the sky during Leavenworth sunsets is by visiting Lake Wenatchee State Park! The wide-open area with no trees and the sky being reflected on the lake’s water create an undeniably great sunset-view experience. Plus, you can make a whole day out of visiting the park! Lake Wenatchee State Park offers some great trails, water sports, and winter sports for you to enjoy throughout the day before sunset! 

Rockpile Trail

If you’re interested in a bit more of an adventure, then you can head up to Rockpile Trail! This “out & back” hiking trail is just 1.1 miles long, with 482 feet in elevation, but the end offers a bird’s eye view of the North Cascades that are just impeccable for watching the sunset! Make sure you are fully prepared for the hike though; bring plenty of water to drink, and most importantly, a flashlight as the hike back will be darker! 

Restaurants in Downtown Leavenworth

Maybe you’re less of an outdoorsy person, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy the beautiful Leavenworth sunsets too! There are many restaurants in downtown Leavenworth that have patios, porches, or other outdoor seating where you can watch the sunset over a nice meal or some drinks! Three of the best restaurants with outdoor seating are Visconti’sIcicle Brewing Company, and Gustav’s

When can I Watch Leavenworth Sunsets?

The time of the sunsets in Leavenworth vary throughout the year, but on average you can watch it set at 4:30pm in the winter and 9:00pm in the summer. You can visit this website for sun patterns, Sunrise Sunset, to get a more detailed time for whenever you have your trip booked! 

View Leavenworth Sunsets at Pine River Ranch

After viewing the gorgeous Leavenworth sunsets, sleep won’t be too far behind! Book a stay at Pine River Ranch and be in one of the best (and most convenient) spots for watching the sunset. Our large property on the edge of Leavenworth allows for a stunning view of the orange and pink painted sky as the day comes to a close! Then, you can rest up in one of our comfortable rustic lodgings and start the next day refreshed and ready to explore more of our culture-rich town. Check availability at Pine River Ranch and book today! 

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