Why Kestrel Vintners Makes Some of the Best Wines in Washington

Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth’s wineries provide a wine tasting adventure unlike any other. There are dozens of wineries to enjoy in the region, each one providing its own unique wines, atmosphere, and overall experience. If you’re eager to taste irresistible local wines, you have more than enough local options to choose from. However, one of our personal favorites is Kestrel Vintners! Created from the best fruits in Yakima Valley, Kestrel Vinter’s wines take your taste buds on a journey they won’t soon forget. Here’s everything you need to know about this Leavenworth winery and why you won’t want to miss it.

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History of Kestrel Vintners

In 1995, a couple by the names of John and Helen visited the city of Seattle on business. As Florida natives, they knew very little about Washington State, much less it’s wine culture. However, after tasting a glass of local red wine during his visit, John was inspired to conceptualize and create his own vineyard. Despite the fact that Washington’s wine industry was barely on the map, he saw great potential and believed in making delicious wines for everyone to enjoy.

Not long later, John and Helen purchased a 16-acre vineyard estate in the town of Prosser in the heart of Yakima Valley. They named the vineyard after the Kestrel, a beautiful local sparrow, and began growing high-quality fruits in one of the state’s top wine regions.

Today, the successful winery boasts three locations, including one in Leavenworth, and serves a wide variety of wines for you to choose from. Although John passed, his daughter now runs the vineyard with the same creativity and dedication as her father before her.

4 Things You’ll Love About Kestrel Vintners

  1. The Wines

Of course, a visit to Kestrel Vintners isn’t complete without tasting their succulent wines! Using only locally-grown grapes, the winery crafts delicious wines with old world methodology and a healthy dose of new world technique. No matter which selection you choose, you can guarantee it was made with the winery’s founding philosophy in mind: Great wines should be on everyone’s table, every day. Here are some of the Kestrel Vinter’s most popular wine choices!

  1. The Vineyard

Did you know that the land upon which Kestrel Vintners sits is home to some of the oldest Chardonnay? In fact, the grapes that grow in this region enjoy 14.7 hours of sunlight each day, which is 2 hours more than Napa Valley grapes! This means the grapes are more ripe, delicious, and full of natural acids that create truly tasty wines.

  1. Kestrel Vintners Events

There is always something fun going on at Kestrel Vintners! From new wine release parties to “Paint Your Pet” nights, you’ll find a fun-filled event you’ll love. Check the Kestrel Vinter’s event calendar regularly to see which events are taking place this month!

  1. Wine Club

The Kestrel Vintners Wine Club was created for only the biggest wine fans! The format includes two bottles of wine either monthly or bi-annually. One bottle is for tasting while the other is for cellaring! If you find a wine you absolutely love, you can order more for 25% off! It’s a great way to enjoy Washington state wines and taste a variety of different flavors, some of which you’d never thought you would like.

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