Why You Need to Check Out Icicle Brewing Company

After a fun-filled day of exploring the Cascade Mountains and the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, nothing sounds better than an ice-cold brew. For the freshest and most delicious beers in town, a visit to Icicle Brewing Company is an absolute must! The brewers at Icicle Brewing Company understand that creating great beers means using only quality ingredients, and they’re proud to share their flavorful ales and lagers with you.

Why You Need to Visit Icicle Brewing Company

Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Not only are Icicle Brewing Company’s beers made with expert care, but everything that makes them taste so great is sourced right from the Pacific Northwest region. In fact, the water used in the brews come directly from Icicle Creek, located less than a mile from the brewery!  The malted barley and hops arrive from nearby valleys, one of which the owner was born and raised. The yeast is also delivered locally from a laboratory in the Columbia River Gorge. As you enjoy one of their craft brews, it’s good to know that you are sipping on a truly local and fresh beer.

Indulgent Beers

Icicle Brewing Company prepares seven tasty selections for you to try during your visit. Whether you are craving a malty sweetness, an invigorating hop, or a smooth sipping drink, you’ll find a brew that is sure to delight your taste buds. Here are just a few of our current favorites:

Crosscut Pilsner – This refreshing brew boasts a moderate hop with a clean, malty profile. It’s a Pilsner-Style lager that pays homage to Leavenworth’s local logging history.

Dark Persuasion – Bubbling with delicate flavors of dark chocolate and coconut, this flavorful ale is a sweet treat for those who enjoy darker beers. It’s a fun and deep flavor that’s as delightful as it smells, and so delicious that you’ll want to take a growler home with you!

Khaos Kolsch – It’s nearly impossible to not try a German-inspired beer in a Bavarian town. This crisp and subdued ale balances subtle fruit flavors with a malty aroma. It’s the perfect refreshment after a full day in the outdoors.

Colchuck Raspberry Wheat – This fresh, golden ale is fermented with Willamette Valley raspberries. The mixture provides a sweet and slightly tart taste that will leave you savoring every last drop.

The Tasting Room Experience

The laid-back and inviting atmosphere that exudes from the brewery warmly draws you in, making you want to stay and enjoy good company all night long.   A menu of tasty appetizers is also available for those who would like to enhance their beer-tasting experience. Icicle Brewing Company prides itself on selecting food menu items from high-quality vendors in Leavenworth, so you can enjoy more tastes of their beloved hometown. From savory soups, artisan meat & cheese plates, or warm bavarian pretzels, you’ll find the perfect pairing for all your favorite craft brews.

If you would like a  look behind-the-scenes, free tours are conducted on the weekends from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Be sure to reserve your spot before you attend!

Icicle Brewing Events

Many nights during the week, talented local musicians make an appearance at the brewery. Featuring a wide array of genres from soulful blues, country, rock, and more, the lineup for Icicle Brewing Company’s entertainment is unique every night and includes something everyone can enjoy! Check their events calendar to find out who will be playing for you during your visit!

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