May 2nd, 2016 by prranch

Maifest in Leavenworth is a tradition that you will not find in any other town in Washington.  Maifest is a traditional German celebration to welcome spring.   To celebrate the town’s history and crafts the “Maibaum”, or May Pole, is one of  the attractions as it is a huge pole placed in the center of the town that is painted with different scenes and colors.  During the celebration dancers will “dance around the old May Pole” to enliven the celebration.

May Pole

Maypole, Leavenworth Washington


This year Leavenworth will unveil their new Maibaum during the annual celebration the weekend of May 13-15th.  The celebration includes the grand entrance of the 95 foot pole by horse and wagon, the Bavarian March (think parade with a lot of dancing), and live music in the park for you to dance around the May Pole all weekend.  Dancing around the May Pole is supposed to bring you good luck throughout the year so you might as well join in and celebrate with the rest of the crowd!

Dancin' round the May Pole

Dancing’ round the May Pole


The weather is supposed to be warm, the sun has been shining, and there has never been a better time to take a few days for rest and relaxation.  We have a great golf package with Kahler Glen as well as two newly renovated rooms opening this weekend.  We will share pictures on Facebook and in a post next week.  Come on by Pine River Ranch this weekend or get a jump on the Annual Bird Fest next weekend and see the new baby goslings, ducks, young eagles, hawks, and all the other wildlife that are enjoying the spring weather.