The concept of a backyard ultra is quite simple and has been encouraged by Gary Cantrell, aka Lazarus Lake and/or Laz, who founded both Big Backyard Ultra and the Barkley Marathons which is one of the world's hardest races. Pine River Ranch Backyard Ultra will follow closely to Laz’s original format, and the concept is simple! It’s a last-person standing race. In the end, only one Runner will finish the race.

Since this Leavenworth, WA race is outdoors, the weather may be a factor. You'll need to be prepared for varying conditions, but the course is flat through meadows and trees.

Race Details

Pine River Ranch Backyard Ultra

At 8:00 AM on Saturday, November 6th, 2022, we will start the race next to the pond at Pine River Ranch, and the race will use the local trails to complete the loop that is 4.1667 miles.

Each runner has exactly one hour to complete the loop. We will start another race at 0800 hours, where runners race around the same 4.1667 loop. The same will be done at 0900, 1000, 1100, and so on, every hour on the hour.

Runners must be standing in the start line corral when the next race starts. If you are out of the corral, you may not continue. Runners will also not continue if they self-eliminate. No late starts are allowed once the bell is rung.

The Pine River Ranch Backyard Ultra will continue until only one runner remains. At that point, the last runner must complete a loop on their own. If they can complete the loop, then that person is the winner, and all other runners are considered Did Not Finish (DNF).

Racing will continue in the evening and night hours until only one runner has finished the course, so headlamps are encouraged for night-time running.

Race Fee Schedule

  • $100 per Runner until October 1st
  • $125 per Runner after October 1st

Golden Ticket Aspiration

Currently, our winner will not qualify for a Golden Ticket to The Big Backyard Ultra, but we are hoping that we can reach that pinnacle! To find the slate of Golden Ticket events for the Big’s Backyard Ultra World Championships, click here.

For additional information and rules, please download the Pine River Ranch Backyard Ultra Guidelines.

Pine River Ranch Backyard Ultra Registration Form & Guidelines

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    Pine River Ranch Backyard Ultra