Presidents Day

Presidents Day brings with it another long weekend.  While many of us enjoy the extended time away from work we do sometimes wonder why this holiday exists.  Was it started because of the great job done by our country’s best leader; People like Taylor, Van Buren, and Harrison?

No….if these are the leaders we want to name a holiday after I would rather keep working.  Was it named for our leaders that had great morals while in office;  Leaders like Clinton, Buchanan, Nixon, and JFK?  That can’t be the reason why.

How about the fact that our founding fathers were self-made men who didn’t believe in others doing their work for them, especially slave labor;  Upstarts like Jefferson, Adams, and Monroe.  Nope, they came from distinguished families that all had hundreds of slaves.  Ok, Presidents Day must be a new holiday to celebrate some of the savviest political and financial minds; Ford, Obama, and Bush(s)?  Not so fast!

Presidents Day was actually founded in 1885 in honor of George Washington.

President Washington had his moments as well as the leader of this new country but by all accounts, like most of the others that have sat in the Oval Office, he worked hard to help the USA advance.  In 1971, Congress passed the Uniform Holiday Act which granted more three-day weekend holidays to the American worker.  This holiday still holds the tradition of being close to Washington’s birthday (the 22nd) while offering the downtrodden a mini-vacation, except most people don’t get the three-days off unless they work for……you got it…..the government.

Presidents Day:  Today


Pine River Ranch State Historic Dairy Barn

Today many people do stop to thank the current and past presidents for their service leading this great country (and not just for increased taxes, nanny laws, and other trivial matters).  How about we thank them by doing what they intended; take some days off and go on a stay-cation?  Help the small businesses and travel industry in your state by going away, eating out, shopping a bit more, staying in a bed and breakfast or hotel, and relaxing.  This year, with Valentines Day wrapped into the same weekend you can make it a double date and propose to that special person on your arm.  You owe it to yourself to follow what our great leaders proposed for this weekend in 1885…some downtime with your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other.


Pine River Ranch still has some days open before and after the holiday so lengthen your time and stay a bit longer, the boss will never know.  And if you are feeling a bit amorous, Pine River Ranch still has a few weekends left to hold your wedding this summer.  Make your Presidents Day the best ever; take some downtime, relax, support small businesses, pop the question, find the perfect venue, and fill your life with joy.  That’s what the Presidents would want you to do.