Perfection in sports


Perfection in sports is measured by the perfect record. The Golden State Warriors with the hottest player in professional sports, Stephen Curry, and his backcourt mate Klay Thompson (go COUGS!) are the latest professional team to lose the perfect season. The Carolina Panthers are still perfect with two regular season games left plus the postseason. Serena Williams, though not perfect as far as wins and losses last tennis season, approached the Grand Slam as perfection in sports because it has been done so rarely. The list of close but not perfect is long in the modern era of professional sports with one team, the 1972 Miami Dolphins, being the top of the pinnacle. Every player, team, and person growing up playing sports knows the 1972 Dolphins are who you want to be at the end.

Perfection in sports is hard to attain if you are just looking at the unblemished record. Great performances, on the other hand, are not hard to find. From 400+ yard games, twenty-four game win streaks, one-loss seasons that happen in the Super Bowl, the last Grand Slam final, or even 116 win-46 loss MLB teams (that was you Seattle) you can find greatness in all of these teams and individuals. These were all great team and personal stories of greatness, just not perfection.

In the hospitality industry you can find the same story. The perfect wedding, the perfect bed and breakfast stay, the perfect breakfast….with just a small touch of the human element thrown in makes it a great event, just not always perfect. That happens when a beautiful snowstorm has dropped ten inches of dry, crisp, white powder on the ground but you lose power for a couple of hours or when the bride is walking down the stairs and trips on the last step. These events lose the perfection that everyone worked so hard to find but they are still great, wonderful, beautiful events that when taken in their entirety are moments we will never forget.


Leo Tolstoy once said, “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” I think he had it correct. By looking for everything to be perfect we often miss some of the greatest things life has to offer. He certainly didn’t say stop trying to attain perfection, or don’t work hard to try and reach perfection, but he is saying don’t get so wrapped up in looking for perfection that you miss the trip. Salvador Dali probably took it one step farther when he said, ‘“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” A pessimistic viewpoint but valid all the same!

At Pine River Ranch we strive and work for perfection. We put in the work to make sure that every wedding event, bed and breakfast stay, corporate event, or elementary movie night is perfect. From our suites to the historic barn, from the twenty-three acres of beautiful property to the millions of acres of National Forest we want everything to be perfect. We know that if we miss occasionally that the trip getting there has a wonderful view and we want all of our guests to enjoy those views.

Come enjoy a stay with some perfect packages…just like perfection in sports! Our midweek ski specials at Stevens Pass and Plain Hardware are perfect ways to get away from the pre or post-holiday stress. Our wine tasting at Eagle Creek Winery


is not only perfect for the palate but a perfect way to enjoy some time out of your perfect suite. Find perfection with your partner at Pine River Ranch….and if it wasn’t perfect we guarantee that the views and memory will make the trip extraordinary!