Leavenworth Spring Festivals

Spring is in the air in the North Central Cascades!  Even as new snow hit the ground last night the Leavenworth Spring Festivals are gearing up for another run.  Many people know Octoberfest and the Christmas Lighting Festival but do you know about The Taste of Leavenworth, Maifest, Bird Fest, Ale Fest, and Vox Docs?  These are all festivals put on to celebrate different time periods throughout the spring in Leavenworth and surrounding communities.  Many have been going on for decades but just don’t get as much attention all the time as the fall and winter festivals.

Leavenworth Spring Festivals each month


Unbranded-Leavenworth Spring Festivals

March rolls in like a lion and it has done that today with a couple of inches of snow on the ground after spring like weather the past two weeks.  The Sundance Film Festival always has marked the start of the independent movie year and Vox Docs is the Sundance Film Festival of the North Central Cascades.


Vox Docs has a great lineup of independent films that have been nominated for awards this year.  Films such as; He Named Me Malala, Unbranded, and The Mask You Live In.  Vox Docs is March 11-12 and Pine River Ranch will take your ticket price off one of your room nights if you stay with us.

April brings the thought of food and the Taste of Leavenworth

pearLeavenworth Spring Festivals

doesn’t disappoint.  With pears being the highlight you will find everything from beverages to desserts and all courses in-between being celebrated the entire month of April.  April 2-3rd is the “Culinary Crawl” weekend and kicks off the month of food and festivities.  You can then end the month on April 22-23 with Ale-Fest.  A great time for food, brews, and the Leavenworth atmosphere.  What a month!

May 13-15th celebrate Maifest with Leavenworth.

Maifest-Leavenworth Spring Festivals

A celebration of spring, wildflowers, and the warm outdoors.  Maifest this year will include a new Maifest pole being put in place and many different activities for the whole family.  A great way to kick off the summer travel season and the opportunity to get back outdoors into the glorious sunshine!

The 14th Annual Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest

birds-Leavenworth Spring Festivals

From movies, food, brews, and the outdoors the Leavenworth Spring Festivals make for an exciting time to come visit.  We would love to welcome you to our part of the state to take part in the festivals and to make it a tradition for you and your sweetheart, family, or just yourself to get away during the spring.  Pine River Ranch is having a great special on weekday rooms and is close to all the action but miles from the crowds and noise.  Won’t you come stay for awhile and enjoy all the North Central Cascades has to offer?