Wedding venue choices

barn venue wedding choiceWedding venue choices abound for brides and grooms. Those choices can be overwhelming.  Having wedding venue choices in the location that you plan to marry allows comparison shopping for everything that you dream of, allows you to pick people who you are comfortable working with, and also may let you get a venue cheaper than what the venue advertises.  On the flip side, wedding venue choices often overwhelm the couple with multiple ideas and themes. Oftentimes, wedding venues present so many choices and packages that the couples find it hard to comparison shop and the time and dedication to make plans to tour those venues can be all-consuming.  Here are some tips to consider as you work through your wedding venue choices:


  • Reception dinner set-up

    Pick a location to concentrate your search in first that you like.

  • Pick venues that fit what you want your theme or wedding to show.
  • Does the venue have the right capacity for all of your guests?
  • How much work do you want to do?
    • If you don’t want a lot of stress and extra work:
      • Pick a venue that includes everything you need to have a wedding and reception if you don’t want to rent and keep track of items.
      • Pick a venue that gives you vendor names that they trust and can show you ideas and samples.
      • Pick a venue that won’t charge you large extra rates for the items they expect you to purchase including alcohol, decorations they have on site, extra time, etc
      • Pick a venue where you can deal with the ownership instead of managers so there is no middle-man.
      • Venues that don’t have a restaurant on-site usually can recommend vendors that cater at their site.
      • Pick a venue that when you look back in twenty or thirty years with your children you will be excited to show them where you got married.


Eagle Creek Winery

Big E Ales










There are as many places to get wedding venue information as there are wedding venues.  Besides the usual suspects like your friends, acquaintances, your great-great-aunt that you haven’t spoken to for the last twenty years except when she pinches your cheeks at your birthday, etc. you can search online at outlets like Pinterest, Google, Wedding WireMy Wedding or wedding shows like the Seattle Wedding Show.  All of these outlets can supply you with great information but be sure to contact each of the sites by email or phone, look at their websites, and then take some time to visit.  You will never get a feel for the people at the wedding venue, or for the venue itself, by looking at pictures.

Don’t “just settle” on your wedding venue:


Pine River Ranch
Pine River Ranch Winter Wedding Venue

As a dad, I want the best for my daughter in everything she does.  This includes her wedding day.  Be willing to ask questions, and negotiate for what you want.  Don’t be afraid to let the venue do the math for you after you tell them everything you want and have them put it in the contract.  It is easier to see the cost upfront in writing prior to, than after the fact.  And last but not least, enjoy the journey.  You should have a great time planning, executing, and finalizing your plans with the venue as well as walking down the aisle with your lover on your arm!