Food Inspired Floral

March 9th, 2016 by prranch

Food Inspired Floral

Food inspired floral arrangement


Food inspired floral arrangements are one of those trendy ideas for 2016.  Weddings are often built around traditional themes but today’s couple wants to be unique in their design and style.    Incorporating your menu into your table centerpieces, bouquets, and decorations allows people to see that all of your design elements are aligned with each other giving you both a trendy and unique element at the same time.

Food Inspired Floral-How do I do this?


The technique can range from the very simple to the very complex.  To start, use your color choices as an inspiration for your menu choices.  You can then use your menu as the inspiration for your floral design.  The easy way to look at this is if you are serving a salad with Kale in it then you can add Kale as a green in every floral arrangement that you are using in your wedding decoration.  (Did you know that as late as 2012 Pizza Hut was the largest buyer of Kale in the United States—they used it as greenery around their salad bars!)  Obviously almost every menu item can be seen as an inspiration in your decorations though I would hesitate to use your meat choice as one but it did work for Lady Gaga.

Food Inspired Floral

Lady Gaga in her meat dress

Appetizer trays are also a very fashionable idea to use as an edible floral arrangements around a cocktail lawn or at each table.  By using ingredients that your guests will eat you are saving yourself some money by not having to buy something that looks nice and gets thrown away the next morning.  This is also an easy way for your appetizers to be placed at tables ahead of when the guests arrive as vegetables can be kept easily on the hottest of days for an hour without losing any of their crunch.  If necessary you can slip a small tray of ice under each one or make it a deeper tray with ice water and add some battery candles inside the water for a glow at twilight.

Food Inspired Floral

appetizer inspired centerpiece


Food Inspired Floral

Another way to use food for a centerpiece









There are millions of ideas on how to incorporate your menu into your decoration.  Feel free to let your imagination go and have fun.  It can be beautiful, unique, and save you some money in the process instead of using typical flowers to make a statement.  Not only that you can recycle your flowers into food for your chickens or other animals that you or your guests left back home instead of just throwing them into a composter or garbage can.

Food is a very powerful tool in every culture.  It brings us together, we celebrate with it, we enjoy the company it brings to our homes, and we love the taste when it is done correctly.  It will do the same things for you on your special wedding day.

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